Velux Commercial Skylights


The new Dynamic Dome

New and improved frame design


50-year Silicone

Glazing Spacer

  • Reduced cracking

  • Condensation release

Inner dome rests on material with similar expansion/contraction (durability)

Innovative, encapsulating one-piece Thermoplastic inner frame.

  • Dry installation (no caulk or curb tape needed)

  • Impenetrable water barrier

  • No exposed holes to the exterior (air/water/bug filtration)

  • 100 percent thermally broken (the frame is the thermal break)

  • Fail-safe extra layer of water protection; no path for water to enter the building.

Morning Light
Mid-Day Light
Afternoon Light
Curb mount flashing model with SunCurve available at the 22" size
Self flashed model with SunCurve available at the 22" size
Pitched, self flashed model

Highly reflective
silver tunnel

All VELUX SUN TUNNEL skylights feature a highly reflective silver layer that is electrostatically applied.

  • Creates an ultra smooth highly, reflective surface 

  • Greater than 98% total reflectivity (99.9% on silver layer)

  • 20-year rigid tunnel reflective warranty